About Vipura

While in English, VI stands for ‘Vitality’ and PURA for ‘Purity,’ in Sanskrit VI means ‘To Eat’ and PURA means ‘Like the Olden Time.’ True to its name VIPURA presents foods made in the traditional manner, so that you and your family can ‘Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food, Like the Olden Times.’ So, whether it be our oils which are cold pressed in wooden machine, atta ground in stone chakki, unpolished grains or immunity boosters…all are made using traditional ingredients and age-old methods of food processing that help in retaining the nutritional value and shelf life, without use of any harmful chemical additives.

So, in a nutshell VIPURA provides you wholesome nutrition through foods that are vital, in their purest form and made in the traditional ways that our ancestors used. Every time you pick up a VIPURA product, you can be 100% sure about providing wholesome nutrition to your family.