Diabetic Atta


Diabetic Atta

 A combination of whole wheat, oats, maize, ragi, chana dal and soya bean, VIPURA Diabetic Atta has double the amount of dietary fibre as well as proteins and 20% lesser carbohydrates than the wheat atta. The lower glycemic index releases sugar slowly thus preventing sugar level spikes in the body.  

Health Benefits

  • The high fibre slows down release of sugar into the blood, thus reducing risk of sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
  • The high fibre also helps in digestion.
  • Diabetic Atta provides the right amount of complex carbohydrates which act as fuel in the body, without risking blood sugar spikes.
  • Oats added to Diabetic are rich in an antioxidant (avenanthramides) which protects the heart from damage due to bad cholesterol LDL.


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