Multigrain Atta


Multigrain Atta

If Sharbati Wheat is considered the best, can there be an atta better than Sharbati Wheat Atta? Answer is Yes. Sharbati Wheat combined with the goodness of Oats, Bajra, Barley, Chana Dal, Soya Bean, Dried Corn and Jowar. This combination increases the fibre content significantly. At approx. 15gms /100 gms, the Dietary Fiber in Multi Grain Atta is almost double of Sharbati Wheat Atta.

Health Benefits

  • The high fibre in Multi Grain Atta helps in digestion.
  • The high fibre slows down release of sugar into the blood, thus reducing risk of sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Multi Grain Atta contains soya bean, chana dal etc, which increase the protein content.
  • Multigrain flour provides the right amount of complex carbohydrates which act as fuel in the body, without risking blood sugar spikes.
  • Oats added to Multi Grain Atta are rich in an antioxidant (avenanthramides) which protects the heart from damage due to bad cholesterol LDL.

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