Rice Flour


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Rice Flour

Rice flour also called rice powder, is a form of flour made from finely milled rice.

Rice flour is not just a staple for South India but also widely used in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. Whether making Neer Dosa, Akki Roti, Murrukku, Puttu, Or Rice Cake, Rice Paper Rolls, Rice Noodles; VIPURA Rice Flour is suitable for all.

Health Benefits

  • Since it is gluten-free, it is an excellent choice for those suffering from gluten intolerance and autoimmune conditions, such as Celiac.
  • It contains a healthy amount of insoluble fibres, which keep the digestive tract in optimum shape. A high-fibre diet can also improve cardiovascular health, manage blood sugar levels, and regularise bowel movement.
  • Rice flour is rich in calcium, and this rice flour nutrition makes it an excellent food choice to maintain bone and skeletal health.
  • Choline in it helps maintain liver health by preventing cholesterol and fat build-up in liver.

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