Niger Seed Oil


Niger Seed Oil

Looking for a sound sleep without having to take pills, switch to Niger seed oil. Niger seed oil is the store house of Magnesium, potassium and zinc which are some of the key minerals that affect the hormonal levels in the body. These minerals help to calm Circadian rhythms and induce release of certain neurotransmitters that the body needs for proper rest.

Health Benefits

  • Apart from aiding sound sleep, Niger Seed Oil also helps in curbing morning sickness, mood swings, stress and hypertension.
  • It possesses good healing ability on account of its vital nutrients like niacin, oleic acid, carbohydrates, protein, fibers, stearic acid, riboflavin and ascorbic acids. 
  • Niger Seed Oil is also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and linolenic acid helping improve cholesterol balance, lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
  • Niger seed oil consists of certain anti-parasitic and antioxidant qualities which is helpful in improving immunity by applying on skin for external infections and by consumption for internal protection.
  • Extremely beneficial in protection from cold and flu.

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