Foxtail Millet Flakes


Foxtail Millet Flakes

Used to having flakes for breakfast. Well just substitute your regular flakes with VIPURA Millet Flakes. Simply have them with warm or cold milk or make your traditional breakfast recipes like upma or poha and add that extra dose of fibre to your daily diet. Try 7 different variants of VIPURA millet flakes for 7 days of the week for a different taste and different health benefits every day.

Health Benefits

  • Foxtail is a general source of vital nutrients for the strengthening of muscles and bones.
  • Foxtail Millet is rich in Vitamin B12 which is essential for maintaining a healthy heart, smooth functioning of the nervous system, and in general good for skin and hair growth.
  • A diet including Foxtail Millet improves glycemic control and manage insulin, cholesterol and fasting glucose in Type-2 diabetes patients.
  • Foxtail Millet is rich in natural iron which helps reduce muscular spasms and eases out restless syndrome.

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