Kodo Millet Sevai


Kodo Millet Sevai

As long as other nations have been consuming noodles, we Indians have been consuming Sevai. Consumption of this grandmother’s dish has however reduced today as most of the sevai available is made from ‘maida’ or refined flour. VIPURA brings to you sevai infused with the goodness of millets so that you can provide nutrition to your body while relishing over a bowl of delicious sevai - upma, pulao or kheer. Check out all 10 variants from VIPURA’s exciting range of millet sevai.


Health Benefits

  • Kodo millet helps reduce fasting blood glucose level and promotes significant increase in serum insulin level.
  • Kodo millet grains consist of polyphenols and antioxidants that possess antimicrobial action
  • Kodo is high in fiber and prevents gain in weight.
  • Regular consumption of Kodo millet helps to lower the triglycerides and C-reactive protein, thus it lowers the bad cholesterol and is ideal for your heart.

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