Little Millet Flakes


Little Millet Flakes

Used to having flakes for breakfast. Well just substitute your regular flakes with VIPURA Millet Flakes. Simply have them with warm or cold milk or make your traditional breakfast recipes like upma or poha and add that extra dose of fibre to your daily diet. Try 7 different variants of VIPURA millet flakes for 7 days of the week for a different taste and different health benefits every day.

Health Benefits

  • Little millet has dietary fiber upto 38%, whih is the highest among cereals.
  • The flavonoids in little millet act as antioxidants and play an important role in the body’s immune defence system.
  • Phytates, polyphenols and tannins in the little millets contribute to antioxidant activity which plays an important role in prevention of ageing and metabolic disease.
  • Little millet is a low glycemic index food  and thus helps combat diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in control.

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