Pickles & Chutney


Pickles & Chutney

Basically, chutney means something which is so delectable that you would not be able to resist the temptation of licking it after every morsel. In India preparation of chutneys is similar to pickles and the history of this simple spiced delicacy dates back to 500 BC. The idea behind chutney was originally the method of preserving food that was first adopted by the Indians to preserve the surplus food and vegetables. But now Chutneys have become an integral part of the Indian diet. In fact, in many regions a traditional meal is not considered complete without pickles and chutneys.

Health Benefits

  • Ingredients in chutneys are mostly raw or only slightly roasted, thus retaining maximum nutrition.
  • Eating raw foods is beneficial for health as it provides digestive enzymes and reduces inflammation as well.
  • Apart from satisfying taste buds, chutneys and pickles act as natural probiotics, which are good bacteria that keep body healthy.

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