Adai Dosa Mix


Adai Dosa Mix

Adai Dosa is a healthy, protein rich and nutrient dense breakfast made from mixed rice, lentils and spices. This delicacy is one of the very popular cuisines from Tamil Nadu. Mostly served with chutney Adai Dosa can be made thick or thin, soft or crisp to suit your taste.

Making Adai Dosa requires 8 to 10 hours, including the soaking and resting time. For your convenience VIPURA brings to you this traditional recipe in a ‘Ready to Cook’ form so that you can enjoy delicious and nutritious Adai Dosa, INSTANTLY. And it goes without saying, like all other VIPURA products this too is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.


Health Benefits

  • Toor dal in Adai Dosa mix is a rich source of potassium and helps stabilize the blood pressure. 
  • The richness of iron and folate in Toor dal plays a vital role in correcting anaemia, an iron deficiency by pumping iron levels. 
  • Chana dal helps reduce bad cholesterol and supports the immune system.
  • Urad dal contains high quantities of fibre, magnesium and potassium, which are extremely beneficial for heart health. 

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