Ragi Dosa Mix


Ragi Dosa Mix

With its multiple benefits Ragi is fast becoming a sought after ‘Superfood,’ and has now rightfully entered all forms of foods including breakfast, snacks, meals and even desserts.

VIPURA’s Ragi Dosa Mix is one more addition to the list, combining convenience with a traditional recipe.

Health Benefits

  • Ragi is one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium.
  • Ragi is also one of the very few natural sources of Vitamin D which is otherwise mostly derived from sunlight. 
  • Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron and thus a boon for anaemic patients and also for those with low haemoglobin levels. 
  • The high amount of dietary fibre keeps the stomach full for a longer time and prevents unwanted cravings in turn leading to a minimised appetite and weight loss.


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