Sunberry Soup


Sunberry Soup

Are you amongst those who avoided instant soups till now because looking at the back of the pack always give you a scary feeling? Reading names like maltodextrin, acidity regulator -330, anti-caking agent -551, flavour enhancer -627 &631, palm oil, thickener etc made you wonder if that was a food recipe or ingredients for an experiment in a chemistry lab?

Well, now with VIPURA’s soup mixes you can be completely relaxed. Made from ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS, the soups are an absolute delight for your digestive system while tantalizing your taste buds. And that’s not all! Each soup comes with 1 ‘Wonder Ingredient ,’ adding that extra dash of health.   


Health Benefits

  • Helps to cure mouth and intestinal ulcers
  • Strengthens teeth gums
  • Improves kidney functioning
  • Relief from skin rashes.

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