Dry Ginger Nati Powder


Dry Ginger Nati Powder

VIPURA Dry Ginger Nati Powder. A perfect ingredient for your morning tea. Nothing else provides a more refreshing feeling than a cup of ‘Adrak wali Chai.’ Get the  goodness of ‘Ginger’ and ‘Jaggery’ together to kick start your day with a healthy dose of nutrition.

Health Benefits

  • Amongst its vast benefits, Ginger is known for easing cold and flu, reducing gas and improving digestion.
  • Ginger also helps alleviate morning sickness and nausea and hence has been used in tea from ages.
  • Iron in the jaggery helps in production of haemoglobin in the body. Also helps fight anaemia.
  • Magnesium in jaggery helps in good intestinal health.
  • Jaggery is also a good source of Calcium, which helps strengthen the bones.
  • Zinc, along with anti-oxidants, are present in ample quantities in jaggery. This helps in fighting free-radical damage and boosts the body’s immunity.
  • Jaggery is also rich in potassium, which lowers the risk of stroke and maintains a healthy blood pressure.

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